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Do You Fold Socks All Day? Um, no. Here's My Daily Routine as an Organizer...

I just LOVE folding laundry!!! That's why I began an Organization business, right? Negative, Ghost Rider. While I do love a well folded t-shirt, that's COMPLETELY and TOTALLY NOT what I do every day...except in my own home! One of the things I love the most about running Order from Chaos is the variety in my day.

My Regular, Reliable Morning Routine

Most mornings I hit the ground running at 5am. Seriously. My hubs and I darken the doorway of our CrossFit gym most mornings for the 5:30am workouts. We KNOW that it won't happen if we save it for another time, so off to the gym we go.

Once we're home it's time for the number one MOST IMPORTANT step of my day. Email? Calls? Project planning? Nope. COFFEE...

I take a quick second to enjoy those first few sips and then it's GO, GO, GO! Showers, kids to different schools, hubby off to work...and then it's time for MY DAY! Remember when I mentioned before how varied my job is? Well, that makes these "day-in-the-life" posts slightly difficult. So, let's walk through an ACTUAL day I had recently.

After getting rid of all of the other folks who inhabit my home, I get down to business. A recent packing proposal just accepted their quote...WOOHOO!!! Time to place their supply order. I take a look at all the pictures I took at their cute home and make my absolute determination (Ha! TRULY, it's ALWAYS a guessing game...) of each and every supply my AWESOME crew will need to get this home packed up.

After the boxes, tape, paper, bubble, and various other odds and ends are ordered, it's off to the job of the day. This is a BIG ONE! And oh so fun! Becki, Kendall, Tracie and I all get to work together to organize and streamline all of the kid spaces in our client's home: two play spaces (check out our tips for organizing your kids’ playroom), a shared bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Yippee!

The girls and I arrive onsite and get to work! We are in Step 2 (Decluttering, Organization & Systems) of our Organizing Process, so we start by looking at each space and making a game plan. We need to pull out all the clothes, change out hangers, refold and reallocate dresser drawers, sort toys, decide on which toys are best in which space, etc. There's something to keep everyone busy.

My Typical, Tangible Afternoon Tasks

Once we're elbow deep in our project, I have a pretty good sense of the product that we will need to complete the transformation, so I head to The Container Store. Beautiful new baskets, the most perfect acrylic drawer dividers, white plastic bins with handles (great for little hands)...they all come back to the project with me...along with LUNCH- we get HANGRY, y'all! The next 5 hours are full of product installation, Circut labels, and adorable hang tags. Before we head out, we walk our client through the spaces and make any final tweaks.

My Standard, Stimulating Evening Schedule

Once we're finished, I wave goodbye to the BEST TEAM EVER and head to my second job of the day. Mom Taxi! My kiddos keep me running allllll evening long. Not to worry though, I still snag snippets of time between the drives, to complete invoices and communicate with our upcoming pack job. I gather info on arrival times, pre-pack checklists, and their adorable pets (my crew just comes to the jobs for the pets, let's be real...).

My evening wraps up at home with a little 9:30pm "Wine Yoga" with my hubs before we hug and kiss our kids goodnight (who am I kidding...they really hug and kiss US goodnight...tweens and teens...). WHEW. WHAT A DAY!

Enjoying Daily Variety

The best part about my day, is that tomorrow will look NOTHING like this! I might have consults with potential clients (clients-in-training). I might hit up Starbucks at 6:45am to bring coffee to my crew at a pack job. I might put on my mom hat and attend a middle school PTA meeting or help with an elementary class party. Or…I might just get my nails done (YES!) and sit in a heap on my couch (kidding...I never sit).

Regardless of the plan for the day, I always get to do one of my favorite things - help new friends realize how much their life can change with a little organization. It. Is. MAGICAL, y'all!!!

Have a question about how we can help you get organized for a stress-free home environment? Just ask!





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