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3 Things You Invest In When You Hire a Professional Home Organizer

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

What comes to mind when you think of a Professional Home Organizer? A drill sergeant, blowing her whistle every time you grab something back out of the giveaway bag? Mrs. Trunchbull, perhaps, with hands on her hips and a mile-long glare? And, oh, that bun...

I'm here to set the record straight. You are ALLOWED to own more than 4 forks!!

1. A Trusted Guide

Are you a "collector"? I just love that's so much kinder than others that people throw around in the organizing arena. Can I let you in on a little secret? EVERYONE has clutter of some sort. Some people hide it better than others, but I PROMISE, it’s there (...ahem, my "garage" I told you about in a prior post...).

As Professional Organizers (read that first word again), it is our job to assess your unique situation with a thoughtful eye and a kind heart. We have been there and seen that. We've had IT ALL! And, while we might giggle a bit at your choice of collection, we ARE NOT JUDGING! We want to work WITH you to create the best, clutter-free zone possible.

2. Solutions Tailored to You & Your Lifestyle

Don't want to be a minimalist? Me neither.

Don't want to see everything you own in rainbow order? Me nei...wellllllll, I do love a good rainbow, but YOU don't have to!!

Don't want stark white, sterile EVERYTHING? That's OK! Just as you are an individual, organizing can be too! As organizing experts, we work WITH you to decide what organizing style will work best in your particular space.

3. New, Lasting Habits

Our job isn't JUST creating a beautifully organized space. We are also tasked with helping create new habits for you in your home. Habits that stick!

Initial Consults are so very important in our work for this reason. We get to pick your brain, see what you love, and learn how you would like your home to function. The best chance of implementing a successful, long-term solution is setting it up in the way that works best for your home and your family.

In the end, organizing is about SOOOOO much more than dream pantries and drool-worthy closets with beautiful bins and baskets (and cute, peppy labels). It's about the calm you feel walking into your space. Lack of visual clutter eases emotional can finally breathe again.

Make this investment in your home and your family. An investment that allows you to spend less time on your "stuff" and more time on what really matters - each other.

If you're ready for a Dallas, Rockwall, Heath, or Plano home organizer that helps you reclaim your time and joy at home, let's talk!

Cheers, Kate


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