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Our Home Organizing Process: The Steps We Take to Create Your Most Relaxing Home

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Home. The very word should make your shoulders relax and your breathing regulate. Home should be your happy place. But…when it's filled with clutter, when it's disorganized, sometimes it's hard to feel that relaxation. Instead, stress creeps in. And while you may feel like you're just sinking deeper, calling a professional organizer could be your life raft.

When you reach out to OfC, you're treated like a VIP. You're never a number with us. Let's walk through the process that we take with our clients:

1. Consultation & Planning

After you fill out and submit our Contact Form, your info zooms through the inter-webs and reaches ME (Kate). Once I see that you're interested in getting organized, we find the best time for a chat.

I like to talk with all of our potential clients personally. This gives me a chance to pick your brain and see what type of organizing service you’re hoping for! The main goal for some folks is decluttering, while for others, that picture perfect pantry. An in-person or Zoom consult gives us some face time to make a plan.

Once we've consulted with each other, I determine the "estimated" number of hours I think your project will take to complete. I say estimated because occasionally I'm slightly off base (usually I'm right...HA). If your job ends up taking us more or less (WOOHOO!) time than estimated, your invoice will be adjusted at the tail end of the process.

It's BOOKING TIME! We find a date and time that works for both of our schedules (my crew and YOU)! A deposit is required to hold that date specifically for your job...we don't want anything getting in the way of your NEW organized space.

2. Decluttering, Organization & Systems

When we arrive at your location, our first step is to grab the black trash bags! FUN FACT - we use black trash bags for donations and white trash bags for actual trash (the more you know…). Decluttering is a vital part of EVERY job. Sometimes we discard a lot, sometimes it's just a little, but I have not been to a single job where NOTHING was discarded.

Once we've purged and we're left with what's staying, we sort everything into categorized piles. The piles help us determine what product we need. It's interesting to note that when we have large projects that require a lot of product, we typically stop here for the day. This allows us to purchase or order product so we're ready to BEAUTIFY next time! On some smaller projects, we measure, source, and purchase product earlier during the consult so that we're ready to purge AND install in one day.

The last step we take on ALL jobs is to put everything away...but in categorized bliss! For some jobs, that means just putting like items with like. For other jobs, that means sorting like items into baskets, bins, turntables, and matching hangers. For those pretty pantries, we go one step further and label, label, label!

3. Creating a Sustainable Routine

Before we take our bow and make our way off stage, we bring you through your new space. We want to make sure that you know where every single thing "lives" now. This helps you stay organized well into the future. Following the "categories" when you put away or purchase new items will ensure that you don't need us again (but hey, we'd LOVE to come visit!). Know we're ALWAYS here when you need us!

Now that you're home in your new space, we'd love for you to take a minute or two with a hot (or alcoholic...) beverage and soak in the beauty and satisfaction of a simplified space. Our sincerest hope is that you feel 10 lbs. lighter, as though a weight has been lifted. We hope you feel at peace and have the clarity to take on your next project...or that you pick up the phone and call us back for more assistance!

We ❤️ our clients!

If you're ready for a home that helps you say YES to life, I would be honored to help. Reach out and let's chat!





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