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How to Set Up Organization Systems in Your New Home

Updated: May 30, 2023

Your movers just "peaced out" after dropping your 3,427 boxes in the middle of your foyer. Now what?? Just kidding…I HOPE. The movers I work with would NEVER leave you like that (and if yours do...someone needs a talking to!). But, regardless of how wonderful your movers are, they do eventually leave. So...what's the next step?

As daunting as this situation may seem, it probably also seems ripe with possibilities. This is your chance to start fresh. Turn over a new leaf. Have a revolution, as my Dad would say...

I'd LOVE to impart a couple of tried-and-true tips that will help with the overwhelm of moving into your new space.

1. Unpack and Organize Bedrooms First

First things first: the Kitch- wait, NO?

NOPE! First things first: the BEDROOMS, and really only the bedrooms that will have family members sleeping in them. If you've never fallen asleep standing up before, hold on and wait for it…it's coming! There's no better gift to give yourself on your first night in your new home than a freshly made bed.

2. Set Up Bathrooms for Future Ease

The next thing you're undoubtedly going to want to do is shower. What better time to pull out those fluffy towels and great smelling bath supplies than when you set up your BATHROOMS?

Another insider tip: if you're reading this BEFORE move in day, do yourself a favor a grab a couple packs of drawer organizers. They're so, so handy for putting bathroom items away.

3. Take Time to Plan Before Organizing the Kitchen

Next up is the KITCHEN. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you this is going to be easy, but if you take a little time to plan first, it'll save you many headaches. One really great idea is to sit back and think about the flow of meal prepping.

Put post-it notes on each cabinet and drawer with the intention of the space. Try to put your glasses by the water and stow your pots, pans, and utensils by the stove. Your oils and sprays and spices (oh my!) would LOVE to live where they can be easily grabbed while cooking. Our kitchen pantry organization guide will definitely help at this point, too.

4. Create Solutions in the Laundry Room

The LAUNDRY ROOM is next. Pull out your soap and your dryer balls because I GUARANTEE you will need to do a load of laundry or two that you were not expecting. Utilize any additional space for cleaning supplies, backstock, pet items, etc. Even better, take a look at our recommendations for an organized laundry room before you unpack.

5. Set Up Shelving in the Garage

Do yourself a giant favor and install some GARAGE shelving ASAP! The garage becomes the dumping ground for "all unwanted things.” Don't know where to put it? The garage. Don't know what it is? Garage. Don't want to deal with it now (or ever)? Garage. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

Save the keepers on the shelves and make a plan to get rid of what you don't want to keep. Remember...When in doubt...(and the crowd screams, "THROW IT OUT!!!").

A Smooth Move-In Process

Now that you're armed with these steps, any move will seem smoother. But, if you live in the DFW Metroplex and you're not feeling up to a DIY, give us a call about our Luxury Unpack/Organize services. We'd LOVE to help you with your move.

If you're ready for an expert to create home organization systems that simplify your life, we've got your back. Contact us today.





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