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The 4 Most Overlooked Hints for Making a Summertime Move Bearable

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

A summertime move can be both exciting and challenging. While the sunny weather may seem ideal for a relocation, the heat and hustle can quickly take a toll on your sanity. As the Owner + Lead Organizer of Order from Chaos, LLC, I understand the complexities of a summer move and the importance of maintaining order throughout the process. In this blog post, I'll share four often overlooked hints that will help make your summertime move not only bearable but even enjoyable.

Plan Strategically and Stay Hydrated

Summertime moves require careful planning to ensure a smooth transition. Start by creating a detailed moving checklist that includes tasks such as packing, scheduling movers, and changing addresses. To beat the heat, plan your moving activities during the cooler parts of the day, typically early mornings or evenings. Remember to stay hydrated by keeping a supply of water bottles easily accessible throughout the packing and moving process. Consider packing a small cooler filled with cold drinks and snacks to keep everyone refreshed and energized.

Protect Fragile Items from Heat Damage

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on fragile belongings during a summer move. Take extra precautions to protect delicate items such as artwork, electronics, and perishables from heat damage. Wrap these items in protective materials like bubble wrap or packing paper and keep them in temperature-controlled areas whenever possible. If necessary, transport sensitive items in your air-conditioned vehicle to maintain a more controlled environment.

Pro Tip: "For electronics and important documents, take a picture of their current setup before disconnecting any cables. This will make reconnecting and setting up your devices at the new location much easier."

Unpack Strategically for Immediate Comfort

Unpacking can feel overwhelming, but with a strategic approach, you can quickly transform your new space into a comfortable haven. Start by unpacking essential items such as bedding, toiletries, and kitchen essentials first. This way, you can create a cozy sleeping area and ensure that basic needs are met from day one. As you continue unpacking, focus on one room at a time, gradually making your way through each space. Don't rush the process—take breaks, stay organized, and celebrate small victories along the way.

Pro Tip: "To save time and make the unpacking process even more efficient, label your boxes with clear descriptions of their contents and the rooms they belong to. This will help you prioritize and direct movers to place boxes in the appropriate rooms."

Utilize Professional Packing Services

To ensure a stress-free move, consider utilizing professional packing services. At Order from Chaos, LLC, we specialize in providing white-glove packing and unpacking services that alleviate the burden of organizing and safeguarding your belongings. Our trained team will expertly pack your items, utilizing industry-standard packing materials and techniques to ensure their safe arrival at your new home. By entrusting the packing process to professionals, you can focus on other aspects of your move and enjoy a smoother transition.

While a summertime move may present its challenges, by following these four often overlooked hints, you can make the process not only bearable but also rewarding. By thoughtfully planning, protecting fragile items, unpacking strategically, and utilizing professional packing services, you'll ensure a smoother transition and create a comfortable, organized space in your new home. At Order from Chaos, LLC, we're here to assist you every step of the way, providing professional, white-glove packing and unpacking services, tailored to your unique needs. Contact Us today to make your summertime move a stress-free experience!



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