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The Best Way to Designing a Beautiful, Family-Friendly Mudroom

If you're lucky enough to have a mudroom in your home, you also know the ups and downs of the space. When it is good, it is very, very good — and when it is bad, it is horrid!

Mudrooms are arguably one of the hardest working spaces in a home. It's the first place you pass when you come home and the last place you pass when you leave. And oh, the stuff it holds! Join in as we explore 4 tips for helping your mudroom function at its very best…

1. Survey the Room's Available Space with a Creative Eye

The first step is to look at what you have in the way of space. Is your mudroom a giant open room with tons of options? LUCKY! Wall hooks and cubby solutions could be the answer! Do you only have a blank wall to play with? That's ok too. It's all about how you utilize your space. Don't just think about the room at eye level...*hint* look UP!

If your mudroom shares space with your washer and dryer, check out How to Organize Your Laundry Room to be an Optimal Multi-Purpose Room!

2. Set Up Easy & Purposeful Storage Systems

After you've taken in your space, it's time to think realistically about what your mudroom needs:

  • Kids typically need many storage options for their backpacks, bags, sporting equipment, lunch boxes, etc. Remember all of the papers that come home from school!

  • Adults need a bag hook or basket, a dedicated place for keys, and a space to sort + store the mail.

  • Everyone needs access to shoe storage, chargers for electronics (storing them in your mudroom is a GREAT way to keep all of those messy cords off of your counter), and (ideally) a ✨dreamy✨ shared family calendar (we love these!).

  • If you're more into a digital calendar option, my friend and fellow Organizer, Cori McDougald, Owner of Meat and Potatoes Organizing in Minneapolis, MN, LOVES using a digital calendar! Here's what she has to say about establishing habits that stick, "Visual aids such as to-do lists, calendars, and charts can help you stay organized and on track."

Once you've figured out what you need to store, it's time to find the goods!! Source hooks, shelves, baskets, bins— ALL the fun things that will help keep this snappy space flowing. A few of our FAVE places to source organizational supplies for the mudroom are The Container Store, Target, and Amazon.

3. Create a Plan for Moisture Control & Seasonal Items

If you live in a cold or wet climate, you may be dealing with moisture issues from your outerwear. Consider putting a small dehumidifier to good use in your space. And definitely invest in washable rugs. Also, consider using plastic or wire-coated storage solutions vs. natural fibers.

If you're like us (down here in the south) and snow and cold paralyze your entire city, then you may not tend to think about the cold. But, y'all, when it hits, it HITS!!! Consider setting aside a basket or bin for the cold weather gear you impulse buy EVERY TIME the snow and ice come out to play. Pull that basket down from a higher shelf for snow days and pop it back up in storage the other 353 days of the year.

4. Style the Newly Organized Space & Enjoy its Beauty

Once you've added functionality to your space, let's make it BEAUTIFUL! Who said a hard-working room has to be plain? This is the perfect place to display a family photo or two. And plant always cozies up a room! If you're using your space for a lot of your shoe storage (and your husband can't touch his toes when he's standing up), consider a bench or chair to sit in to put on your shoes.

And make sure to label any baskets that are wayyyyy up high. Remember that winter storage basket we just tucked up toward the ceiling? A hanging label tag will ensure you notice you have all that awesome winter gear.

Now that your mudroom is your house's most functional (and beautiful) room, we hope you enjoy filling it back up! It's incredible the richness that an organized life can bring. Imagine how much time you'll have to think about the things that matter instead of trying to find the ballet bag or that rogue soccer cleat. Enjoy the breathing room!

If you're looking to tame your mudroom and would like an expert eye, reach out! We'd love to help you!





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