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Welcome to our Professional Organizing Portfolio Page. 
Professionally organizing homes in the Dallas area with decades of experience. 
At Order From Chaos, we understand the importance of a well organized home. Please enjoy a small sampling of our professional home organizing work below. 
Reach out anytime to find out if our Professional Home Organizing Services are the best fit for you Dallas home organizing needs. 

At Order From Chaos, LLC we understand the importance and the freedom created by a well organized home. Organization goes well beyond pretty spaces - it paves the way for life changes, big events, and every day joy.

Please enjoy a small sampling of our Professional Home Organizing work below.

Reach out anytime to find out if our services are the best fit for your Dallas, Plano, Heath, or Rockwall home organizing needs. 

[​Packing and Unpacking services are not as pretty to look at, and don't show up a lot on our portfolio page, but they are also incredibly vital to an organized life.]  

Expert Closet Organization

Home organization starts in the closets. For a perfectly organized "start-to-finish" to your day, it's crucial to have a place for everything. We focus on creating spaces that are not only organized but aesthetically pleasing, logically planned, and easy to maintain.  

Professional Pantry Organization

A properly and professionally organized pantry is every chef's (and mom's) dream come true. No more buying double spices because you can't find them or having to hunt through dark cabinets trying to find your favorite pan. Keep your snacks visible, filled, and ready to purchase, when they start to run low.

[Fun Fact - Did you know your grocery budget might actually DECREASE with an organized pantry? Quit buying double or triple of what you already have by being able to see your space!]